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Welcome to Pam's Potions

My homemade 100% Natural & Organic Bath & Body Potions with Goats Milk have amazing soothing, healing, anti-aging qualities.

My own homemade all over bath and body products are derived from only natural and organic ingredients. They are lightly scented with natural essential oils and made with Goats Milk, Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, E, D, C, Witch Hazel, Chamomile, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, minerals, and other all natural ingredients.  They give your skin the vital moisture and nourishment it needs.  They are my best recipes for a non-greasy, thick, healthy moisturizer for all skin types, including sensitive skin and 100% safe to use for the whole family.  My potions are priced affordable so that everyone everywhere can experience the benefits of my products.

There are a variety of natural scents available to fit each unique age group and personality type.


Laura from IA says "My fingers crack in the winter and Pam's Lotion fixes the cracks and makes my skin soft and smooth."

Steve from MN says "The Mosquito Lotion works great and smells awesome, they hate the smell."

Cheryl from TX says "My wart cluster on my knuckle is gone after using Pam's Potions,"

Sarah from MN says "My winter dry flaky skin is no longer with this wonderful lotion."

Pam's Potions - All Natural Skin Care Products